VAT Consultancy Services

VAT Consultancy Services

VAT consultancy services require a profound experience that should be used at the right time. RVG is a VAT consultancy firm having a full understanding of local as well as international tax. We have professionals that help in the transition to the new VAT system by providing complete assistance. We understand the complexities of business caused due to VAT. At RVG, we provide the best VAT consultancy in Dubai. Our VAT assistance services include:


  • All compliances related to VAT
  • VAT payment and VAT Filling
  • Recording of data and its management
  • VAT accounting service
  • Management of suppliers and customers

VAT Registration in UAE Process

RVG Consultants in Dubai, UAE can assist you to go through a simple process to start with VAT registration in UAE.


45 minutes session at our office or video conferencing


45 minutes session at client location in Dubai

VAT Return filling

VAT Return filing depending on the size of company and complexities involved

If you are seeking for an expert VAT consultancy firm in Dubai, your search ends here. Our most of the services are provided online which is the reason our service is quick. RVG’s VAT assistance is based on practical experiences that will structure your business in an excellent way. Our professionals have studied the impact of VAT at the organizational, financial and operational level. We recognize all complexities of VAT on time and manage your business efficiently along with alleviating the cost of VAT. Dubai has complicated VAT rules for the businesses and it is not possible for every businessman to understand and implement those rules. RVG is one of them giving their best to the businesses. RVG will do VAT consultancy online with relevant information provided by you. VAT consultancy by RVG guides you on all the process. Besides that recording of VAT in books and management of data related to VAT is also a part of VAT assistance. We have a professional and expert team of tax advisers, analysts, financial that makes us the best firm in UAE.



VAT Registration in UAE Process

Provision of relevant documents for VAT registration

Receive your trade license, proof of business setup, banking details & signatory papers

Prepare reports to apply for business authorization like POA, MOA, etc

Relevant information of Business activities in the form of declaration.

File your income from the previous 12 months and provide expected a figure

Financial experts will calculate the value of imports and exports

Maintain your planning in order to deal with GCC officials & customers.

RVG Consultants in Dubai, UAE can assist you to go through a simple process to start with VAT registration in UAE.


Implementing VAT through RVG VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai, UAE

  • Comprehend VAT law and provisions applicable to different businesses
  • A deep study of business process and flow of transactions
  • Providing VAT related training and spread awareness among employees
  • Understanding VAT impact and VAT consultancy online
  • Recognize VAT related issues and solve through VAT consultancy
  • Prepare an implementation plan for VAT
  • Guide the employees of the business about VAT compliances
  • Define VAT Payable and Refund and give assistance regarding VAT payments
  • Guide filing of VAT returns online
  • Give guidance on recording of VAT in books


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