VAT Reconsideration Form


Have you ever felt that you might have been wrongly penalized? Are you not satisfied with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) decision? If yes, then RVG can help you file a reconsideration form to request a review of the FTA’s decision.

UAE VAT reconsideration allows a taxable person to appeal for the review of the decision made by FTA. The authority may impose penalties if they come across a situation that has led to tax evasion from the taxable person in the UAE or for non-compliance and breaching the provisions of UAE VAT laws.

There are many situations when the businesses follow the rules and regulations of FTA and still get fines and penalties. In such circumstances, if you are not satisfied with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA)’s decision and if they have imposed any penalties, then you can file a VAT reconsideration request to the authority to review the decision made by the FTA.

Application for reconsideration can be submitted online to the authority appealing the authority to review the case and reverse the penalty. This application is to be submitted within 20 working days from the receipt of the penalty.

The authority will review its decision and facts of the case and issue a new decision within 20 working days from the receipt of the application. The Authority will inform the applicant of its decision within five business days of issuing the decision.

The authority can either remove the penalties imposed or can take the stand of retaining the penalty which depends on case to case basis.