Understanding the Need for VAT Experts in Dubai

VAT rules and regulations all over the world are complex and change frequently. Thus, it’s common for companies to be unfamiliar with VAT policies and legislation in nations where they are attempting to reclaim VAT.  

Moreover, for businesses dealing across international borders, understanding the irregular rules on VAT or GST calculations can be a massive barrier to trade. 

RVG’s accomplished VAT experts offer a comprehensive range of VAT consultancy and audit services to support you in the management of your business’ VAT compliance. Our experts also help you manage VAT issues and changes in VAT legislation effectively.

Necessities and Obligations

Business owners are required to stay abreast of all the corporate travel expenses and deal with general everyday difficulties simultaneously. Employees log up business travel expenses each day and it is up to the business owner to stay on top of them all.


Companies are often unfamiliar with the VAT policies and legislation that are changing often. Most organizations do not even have in-house VAT experts, which means other significant resources are re-allotted to manage VAT.


Our experienced VAT experts in Dubai offer an extensive range of VAT consultancy and audit services intended to support you in the management of your business’ VAT compliance. Our team will also help you manage all the VAT issues that may emerge.

How We Operate

Our VAT advisors can give pragmatic VAT guidance on multiple issues explicit to your business needs including: 

  • Handling of VAT during cross border exchanges 
  • Expanding VAT reclaim and the use of VAT rates 
  • Multi-jurisdictional VAT obligations
  • VAT Accounting
  • Prepare an execution plan for VAT
  • Understand VAT concepts, for instance, VAT groups and the reverse charge system
  • Audit of records payable procedure and provide assistance regarding VAT payments
  • Examination of records receivable procedure including the use of the right VAT rates and the right order of sales 
  • The completion of VAT returns, EC Sales Lists, and Intrastat Returns
  • Providing VAT related training to employees
  • Identify and resolve VAT related issues 
  • Help with online filing of VAT returns 
  • Instruct companies or employees with the recording of VAT in books

Advantages of VAT Consultancy

  • VAT risk of the business is decreased and controlled.
  • VAT reclaim and VAT reserve funds are optimized
  • Moderation of interest and fines by supporting your business in meeting VAT commitments 
  • Expanded information of VAT legislation and VAT know-how all through the business 

RVG’s committed and experienced staff combines technical and financial information with superb client care to guarantee VAT compliance and management.  

As one of the top CA firms in Dubai, we have solid and long-term working associations with different global VAT specialists and local VAT experts. Among our customers, you will discover established large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses conducting worldwide business. Our team of VAT experts is able to provide you with a complete ‘one-stop’ service which will ensure you are fully VAT compliant.

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