Register for Corporate Tax in UAE

Documents Required for Corporate Tax Registration

To register for Corporate Tax in UAE, businesses must be ready to submit the required documents. The process for corporate tax registration will be done online. As Per the Available Information’s from Tax Authority, the following documents are required for Corporate Tax Registration in UAE.​
documents required for corporate tax registration

A valid trade license is a must-have document when applying for corporate tax registration. Make sure your trade license is up-to-date and valid.

MOA outlines the objectives, legal structure, and rules of your company. It’s a critical document required for corporate tax registration.

Similar to MOA, AOA defines the company’s internal management structure, shareholders’ rights, and duties. It’s essential to have this document ready.

This document is a formal statement issued by the board of directors, indicating that the company has agreed to apply for corporate tax registration

Copies of passports for all shareholders and directors will be required

If you have authorized someone to complete the registration process on your behalf, you’ll need to provide a Power of Attorney document

You’ll need to provide bank account details for your company, including the account number and IBAN

You’ll need to provide an audit report for the previous financial year.

This certificate proves that your company is a resident of the UAE and is eligible for tax benefits.

Mobile Number and E-mail

Complete address and P.O. Box

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