Virtual Offices in Dubai

Virtual Offices in Dubai

The virtual office will have a receptionist that will handle all the activities and will oversee that all the matters are treated specifically as you requested.

A virtual office in Dubai offers the investor with all the facilities of a regular office but at only a fraction of the costs. This choice is suited for foreign investors who want to expand their activities in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates and need a virtual office through which they contact the partners.

At RVG We can help you benefit from a virtual office for your business and begin your commercial activities as soon as possible.

Alternatively, our experts can also offer advice if you are interested in other investment options in Dubai or in company incorporation.

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Benefits of Virtual Office

The advantages of a virtual office in Dubai are often those that include the operational costs: much lower for this type of office than for a regular company.

While businesses flourish in Dubai, there are an increasingly large number of advertisements for virtual offices offers. However, foreign investors in Dubai should give close attention to the services included. Our law firm in Dubai gives advantageous virtual office packages in Dubai, suited for your business needs.

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Virtual Office Fees

Fees for virtual office setups differ from one free zone to another and can start from as low as AED 10,000 per annum. Minimum office set up costs including two visas, business license and registration fees for a year can start from AED 25,000 per annum. When the virtual office package involves business center amenities, fees usually start at AED 35,000 per annum and include a maximum of four visas. The number of visas allowed depends on the free zone selected and usually goes up to a maximum of 5 visas per business. If more visas are required, the business is required to rent a physical office space within the limits of the chosen free zone.

Types of Virtual Office Set-ups

There are a few different options of virtual office set-ups depending on the business owner’s requirements:

Virtual Office for Marketing

This type of set up offers the business owner the opportunity to use the name ‘Dubai’ on all PR material used for marketing purposes. Dubai’s many business centers address is used as a P.O.Box with secretarial services on a monthly basis. It does not give the owner the ability to legally conduct business within the UAE or to get a residence visa or a corporate bank account. No physical office space is offered.

E-office or Flexi-office Set up

This type of set up is a full business set-up, licensed only through Northern emirates in the UAE, many of which maintain an office in Dubai to service their clients. In this type of set-up, business owners require an official business license, a corporate bank account, currency accounts, and checkbook facilities. Upon successful registration of the company, the owner can apply for a residence visa. Often, free zones licensing an E-office or Flexi-office set up require proof of share capital, which is usually in the range of AED 100,000 to AED 185,000.

Consultants for Virtual Office Set-Ups

This type of set up is a full business set-up, licensed Setting up a virtual office can be quite complex and many business owners, especially if it’s their first time doing business in Dubai, favor to use consulting services that help with finding the appropriate package and pricing as well as the inherent paperwork involved in the process.


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