Standard Operating Procedure


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Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ensures consensus, consistency, and continuity of business procedure. The policies and procedure manual provide employers, managers, and employees with a systematic approach to the implementation of work routines. It reduces training time and cost, improves communication and productivity and largely helps in change management.

The Standard Operating Manual is the handbook that details all the policies & procedures of your company for each department to achieve the greatest point of excellence. The manual also details the various level of approvals, responsibilities & accountabilities and inter-department functioning.

  Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures serve to instruct process owners and clarify doubts within a process. Our experts are trained to assure that no detail is left out while developing an SOP. We provide the sureness that you need and ensure that gaps identified in your existing process are excluded with the proper control measures built into the process.

  Preparation of Policy Manuals 

We assist our clients to create policy manuals that guarantee smooth operations from Board level to Executive Team and other employees within the organizational structure. Such policy manuals include all department such as; IT, Sales, Finance, Internal Audit, etc. At the Board level, we advise companies to prepare their Corporate Governance Manuals.

  Prep-up for ERP implementation 

ERP prep-up is done usually for companies that are planning to implement an ERP from scratch or planning to migrate to a significantly different ERP from what they have. We identify tasks that need to be automated based on the business methods mapped and help organizations to prepare a brief to different ERP vendors.

  ERP Implementation Process


Tougher competition in the marketplace is creating the need to better optimize resources, improve profitability and keep customers happy. Companies are frequently implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions to enhance operations and provide quicker customer response.

Standard Operating Procedure




Effective business processes are important for organizations to manage their business efficiently. Having a fair business workflow which is obtainable by all employees help organizations decrease their dependency on individuals. Concise and well-articulated methods help modern-day organizations scale up their operations and equipped in taking up emerging market possibilities. We help our clients set up processes and systems that will enable them to run their business efficiently.

We analyze and values your company’s existing structure, workflow, input, and output documents and thereafter conduct a gap analysis to identify gaps in the current business process and organizational structure. Based on the gap analysis, we offer bespoke solutions that fit the company’s culture, values, and working environment.


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