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Internal Audit delivers an independent, systematic and disciplined approach to the evaluation of the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

The Internal Audit team is responsible for the planning and conduct of internal audits and is managed by the Internal Auditor. The Internal Auditor supervises the Internal Audit Officer and coordinates internal and some external audits. Each individual auditor is also required to conduct their work while maintaining objectivity and impartiality.

Advancements and innovations in internet technology have reaped many benefits; at the same time, there are various risks and threat associated with it. Businesses ensure all necessary information regarding their company and clients on their systems and one should never turn a blind eye on the security risks that might arise out of it. Decreasing risk is important to avoid security breach and an accurate audit of your IT systems will prove to be beneficial here.

IT audit is the examination of an organization’s information technology structure, operations, and software programs. IT audit guarantees that the existing IT controls safeguard corporate assets and cross-check whether the IT controls are in line with the overall business goals of the company. The proper functioning of information-related controls and processes are ensured with the help of an IT audit.


The ultimate goal for Risk Management is that our University is able to manage our risks and opportunities in an appropriately considered manner. This is as much a part of the culture we need to build and sustain, as it is the processes that we put in place to help this occur. If we communicate and consult with stakeholders, we have the best chance of identifying, analyzing and managing our risks and opportunities. This points to better decision-making, the focus to reach our purposes with the minimal amount of wasted effort and resource and, therefore, the on-going sustainability of the organization.

The Manager, Risk, and Assurance manage the operation of the Risk Management Framework and reports to the University Secretary and Director, Governance and Corporate Affairs.

Everyone at Charles Sturt University has a role to play in effectively managing risk. Faculties, Schools and Divisions are the first lines of defense. They are accountable for effectively managing the risk inherent in their day to day decisions and the identification and assessment of risks and controls. Second-line purposes such as Risk Management, provide support and advice on the completeness/accuracy of risk assessments, risk reporting and the adequacy of mitigation plans. Internal Audit provides the third line of defense by providing independent and objective assurance on the robustness of the risk management framework and the appropriateness and effectiveness of internal controls.


  • Ensuring data / Information integrity & Classification
  • Preventing/detecting unauthorized Changes.
  • Reducing the risks of data tampering, data loss or leakage
  • Assessing the capability of the firm to safeguard its information assets
  • Understanding the key technology risks of the organization
  • Access management & password security

RVG provides a wide range of IT auditing services:


  • VAPT
  • Cyber Security
  • Forensic auditing
  • ISO 27001:2013 Compliance Audit 

Picking the correct audit firm to assess your IT process is a crucial thing. It requires experts trained in the field of auditing who has a keen eye for security. We are able to go the extra mile to help you fight risk and keep your data safe.

Our IT Audit program can bring much-needed specialized skills and knowledge to your internal audit program, proactively identify and address the risks to your critical information technology and help you lift tools and technology not available to the typical internal audit shop.

The RVG Chartered Accountants 100% satisfaction guarantee, means you know you’re getting the best service possible.




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