IFRS Advisory Services

IFRS Advisory Services

IFRS standards play a pivotal role in global financial reporting as countries across the globe are embracing them. It gives a global language for business affairs so that company accounts are more understandable.

The rules are being revised frequently to present useful and relevant information transparently to users thereby bringing fundamental changes to accounting processes for financial statement preparers.

With sound financial reporting knowledge and industry experience, our practitioners can design/engineer accounting and financial reporting processes without much hassle.

We comprehensively support our clients with meeting the IFRS reporting requirements and maintaining and developing the related practices. We promote Finish and foreign-owned companies reporting in line with the IFRS and companies planning to adopt the standards.

IFRS standards are developing and changing constantly. Our experts are always up to date with the latest developments.We always tailor the scope and implementation of assignments to the specific needs of your organization.

Services for businesses reporting in line with the IFRS

Our services for businesses reporting in line with the IFRS cover:

  • Separate calculations, such as financial leasing, impairment testing and procurement calculations related to business combinations.
  • Analyses of future amendments and their effects.
  • Tailored training on selected aspects of the IFRS.
  • Preparation and development of reporting manuals
  • Support with preparing IFRS financial statements.

Our services for businesses planning to adopt the IFRS

We provide support with and advice on:

  • Preliminary studies and reports in the planning phase of IFRS transition projects
  • Analyses of reporting processes and systems and assessments of development needs
  • Transition calculations
  • Support with preparing the first IFRS financial statements.

Our professionals provide information and resources to assist the Board and the Audit Committee, executives and Management to understand the changes and how it affects their company and ensure are properly and timely implemented.

How we can help you

At RVG we keep our clients notified of changes in financial reporting and other legislative material on an ongoing basis

We provide solutions to complicated IFRS issues that arise during the preparation of the IFRS financial statements

We can assist in establishing proper information systems that cater for the keeping of IFRS related information adequate for management’s needs

We can provide training courses designed to meet client’s specific needs in the areas most relevant to them

We can assist clients successfully convert their financial statements from the current framework


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