Forensic & Fraud Investigations

Managing incidents of fraud

With rising fraud risks, companies seek forensic accountants to carry out an investigation to bring out the truth. RVG – UAE delivers value-added Forensic Audit and Fraud Investigation services across various sectors to help clients manage incidents of fraud and drive value.

Our expertise in forensic accounting and risk management enables us to assist clients in detecting misconducts and investigating complex situations when there is a suspected act of fraud. With multi-domain experience, our professional forensic investigators conduct fraud risk assessments. Thereafter, by leveraging forensic technology, we devise a strategic plan to manage complex fraud risks and ensure smooth functioning of your business.

A volatile forensic scenario in markets mandates stakeholders to adopt proactive measures (plan, prevent, and mitigate) to minimize resulting losses which are not protected in reactive measures. At RVG we recognize the growing needs of the organizations and have evolved to service our clients a complete umbrella of forensic services in a 3 pronged approach – Prevent, Diagnose, and Cure Ü Types of Forensics: Corporate, Third Party, and Cyber frauds.

RVG's forensic accounting and fraud investigation services have helped companies recover millions worldwide.

Fraud continues to be a costly problem for organizations around the world. According to the ACFE:

  • An average organization loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year.
  • The median loss from a single case of occupational fraud is $145,000.
  • 22% of fraud cases examined resulted in losses of at least $1 million each.
  • 78% of frauds were committed at the employee or managerial level.

The major purpose of a financial investigation is to identify and document specific events including the movement of money during the course of a crime. RVG’s Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation Services pinpoint every step where money moves through your company.

We'll improve your policies to prevent future fraud.

Companies with weak compliance policies and poor audit capacities can become victims of the undetected fraudster more easily. Sections of vulnerability include payroll fraud, expense reporting, contract bidding, false invoicing, and other white-collar crime vehicles. RVG’s forensic accountants can help you implement anti-money laundering techniques and assist you with risk management related to fraud by:

  • Separation of duties and maintenance of strong internal controls.
  • Formulating an anti-fraud policy and code of conduct.
  • Conducting surprise audits.
  • Establishing a whistleblower’s hotline.

To learn more about RVG's Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigations Services, contact us today.

RVG can conduct investigations at nearly any of your locations around the world. We keep an existing national network of forensic accounting experts as well as trained specialists in select locations around the globe.


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