ERP Implementation and support

ERP Implementation & Support

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations can transform an organization or cripple it. Our team can ease the burden of consolidating ERPs systems after mergers and acquisitions.

At RVG ERP Implementation methodology is technology agnostic and has been refined through hundreds of successful implementations with multiple technology vendors. Our team-based approach ensures that the project has system experts in all of the applicable implementation functions; technology, architecture, application, process management, project management, and change management. RVG offers a multi-tiered support organization after the successful implementation and migration. The same experts that helped integrate and migrate your system can also be available for premium support of your solution.

ERP Support Services

RVG support includes Masterpiece experts that were involved in the development and support of the solution since its inception. At RVG we provide a multi-tiered support model from basic support to premium support for all existing Inform Masterpiece clients. Our premium offering includes a support manager and our resolved ticket resolution platform with reporting for KPIs.

Expert, local support services when you need it

Ensuring that you have reliable ERP support when you need it is a key element of our support service offering.
We propose a number of services to help you make the most of your RVG investment. You can choose a product and technical support via phone or email.

Solutions provider for your business needs

There are three different types of ERP deployments:

Cloud-based software is installed on the servers of the vendors and can be accessed through a web browser.
On-premise software will be placed locally, within a company’s own computers and servers.
Hybrid ERP is a combination of in-house ERP and cloud-based ERP applications.
An ERP system presents a robust project management module for businesses. With the guidance of an effective ERP system, the project managers can plan and track multiple projects, and it provides them with detailed information on daily job requirements.
An ERP software grants countless advantages such as Data-integrity / Single source of truth,elimination of data duplication, a dashboard that provides alerts & notifications of the day today key priorities, visibility & analytics and efficiency across every aspect of a business.

Finding a good ERP software is a challenging task and most often ERP projects crash because of the following factors-

  • Failure to plan the implementation process.
  • Poor business processes
  • Poor existing data quality
  • Lack of in-house IT support
  • Lack of proper training program
  • Letting the vendor define your needs

Implementation of an ERP software needs expert assistance, as it requires significant business process re-engineering, training employees about the software and back-end support for database integration and data analytics. Our certified & experienced staff at RVG makes the process simple for you, by implementing and supporting ERP software. RVG has deep technical expertise and experience across multiple verticals, we help you find the software that best fits your organization’s budget, time frame, industry, and operational needs. Our Consultants can help your organization minimize disruption and delays associated with the deployment of enterprise software. We offer quality support on committed contractual basis.

We have been rendering ERP implementation and solution services for years, irrespective of the size of the organization.


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